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Green Business Partnership (GBP)

Program Name: Green Business Partnership (GBP)
Program Sponsor: Business Council of Westchester, Westchester County, Green Team Spirit
Program Type:          Labeling/ Certifications
Technology:               Technology Neutral
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility: Businesses of all sizes and industries that lease or own commercial or industrial space
Cost: Annuals dues ranging from $250 to $6,000 based on number of employees

As of 2023, the Green Business Partnership (GBP) program is no longer running. The Business Council of Westchester (BCW) now offers Westchester County businesses an alternative green business certification program and online sustainability resources through collaboration with the Green Business Bureau (GBB) (“GBB’s Sustainable Business Certification”). BCW members who were previously certified by the Green Business Partnership receive discounted membership to GBB’s Sustainable Business Certification program and receive credit for accomplishments achieved under the GBP. 


The Green Business Partnership (GBP) was a Green Business Certification program that provided a multi-step program and tool-set for businesses of all sizes to integrate sustainable business practices into company operations to decrease environmental impact over time, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and foster an engaged workforce and healthy workplace.

Membership included access to a personalized online dashboard with staff and commuting surveys, an action checklist, a greenhouse gas emissions inventory tool, training and direct support from GBP.


All business organizations that leased or owned commercial or industrial space. Participating sectors included construction and design, energy, finance, fitness, hospitality, government and restaurants.