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Green Business Partnership (GBP)

Program Name: Green Business Partnership (GBP)
Program Sponsor: Business Council of Westchester, Westchester County, Green Team Spirit (Private & Local)
Program Type:          Certification & Data Tracking
Technology:               Technology Neutral
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility: Businesses of all sizes and industries that lease or own commercial or industrial space.
Cost: Annuals dues ranging from $250 to $6,000 based on number of employees


The Green Business Partnership (GBP) is a Green Business Certification program which provides a multi-step program and tool-set that allows businesses of all sizes to integrate sustainable business practices into company operations to decrease the company’s environmental impact over time, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, a more engaged workforce and healthier workplace.

Membership includes access to a personalized online dashboard with staff and commuting surveys, an action checklist, a greenhouse gas emissions inventory tool,  training and direct support from GBP.


All business organizations that lease or own commercial or industrial space. Participating sectors include construction and design, energy, finance, fitness, hospitality, government and restaurants.

How The Program Works

Members use the Staff and Commuting Surveys to increase employee awareness, gauge current behavior, attitudes, and ideas around sustainability, and help develop action plans for improvement.

Using the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory tool, Members input data from the last two consecutive years for energy use, travel, waste, and water to calculate the business’s economic and environmental impacts, and identify opportunities to reduce consumption and environmental impact and increase savings.

The Green Action List provides over 200 possible actions to improve performance in seven key categories: Organizational Commitment, Waste Management, Green Purchasing, Land Use, Water, Transportation, and Energy Use.  Of the 200+ actions, 90 are required to achieve Green Business Certification. Post-certification, members continue to provide annual data via the GHG Tool and work towards non-required actions from the Green Action List.

Membership includes access to educational webinars and meet-up events to share experiences. New members receive trainings for use of the online dashboard and GHG Emissions Tool. GBP hosts an annual awards ceremony to recognize members’ achievements.

How to Apply

 To Become a Member, join and submit payment through the Green Business Partnership webpage, or use the online contact form to request a 20-minute live demonstration of the online dashboard.

 Contact Information

 Dani Glaser, Program Director:
(914) 403-5149,