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Green Power Partnership

Program Name: Green Power Partnership
Program Sponsor: EPA
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:         Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables
Fuel:              Electricity
Eligibility:  Businesses and other organizations with a minimum 100,000 kwh of annual electricity use
Cost:  Free


The EPA’s Green Power Partnership (GPP) is a free and voluntary partnership-program for businesses and organizations that source at least part of their electricity from green, alternative sources, and are working to increase the quantity of green electricity sources each year. The program provides a framework that includes credible usage benchmarks, market information, technical assistance, and public recognition to companies and other organizations that use green power. In return for technical assistance and recognition, Partners commit to use green power for all, or a portion, of their annual electricity consumption.


The Partnership is open to all organizations operating within the United States with an annual electricity use of 100,000 kilowatt-hours or greater, except for sellers, suppliers, or marketers of green power.

To join, Partners must procure green power that meets or exceeds the Partnership’s minimum usage requirements. Additional green power requirements include:

  • Partners must acquire green power generated from eligible, U.S.-based renewable resources.
  • Partners’ green power use must be voluntary and incremental to the renewable electricity included in the standard electricity service.
  • Green power can only be sourced from “new” renewable facilities (i.e., installed within the last 15 years).
  • Partners can meet their commitment with any combination of green power products (i.e., utility products, unbundled renewable energy certificates [RECs], on-site generation, etc.).
  • Only green power use applied to U.S.-based operations is eligible.

Please visit the Green Power Partnership Requirements for more information on eligibility.

The EPA publicly provides a periodically updated Guide to Purchasing Green Power that details standard power procurement processes for alternative power supply options. It recommends this guide to qualifying entities interested in procuring green power.

How the Program Works

Once a  qualifying organization becomes a partner,  it must provide benchmark data and subsequent annual updates on their green power consumption to EPA using the Green Power Partner Yearly Reporting Form. Benchmark data includes a calculation of annual electricity use and the percentage supplied through green power sources.

In return, GPP provides its Partners with a variety of resources relevant to green power purchasing including tools and calculators that can help organizations identify anticipated emissions reductions and better communicate the benefits of green power to interested stakeholders, guidance documents designed to help organizations collect relevant information on green power procurement, and information on applicable local, state, and federal incentives.

Additionally, GPP Partners are able to use the Green Power Partnership Mark to publicly promote their commitments and achievements. Partners may also apply to the annual Green Power Leadership Awards, are invited to regularly scheduled events and webinars, and receive access to trainings and other informational videos.

How to Apply

Interested organizations should complete a Partnership Agreement to apply to the GPP.

Contact Information

Direct general program and website questions to:

Christopher Kent