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Program Name: GridRewards
Program Sponsor: Sustainable Westchester (SW), Logical Buildings, and Con Edison
Program Type:          Rebates/ Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                           Electricity
Eligibility: Businesses with a Con Edison utility account
Cost:  Free


Sustainable Westchester has partnered with Logical Buildings, a smart building technology software and systems integrator, to launch the GridRewards program. The program connects Con Edison smart meter data with Logical Buildings’ mobile app (previously SmartKit AI) developed by Logical Buildings to provide users with customized energy efficiency insights to help reduce energy usage. GridRewards also allows energy users in Westchester County to receive cash rewards for reducing energy usage during high demand periods, as part of Con Edison’s Demand Reponses Program.


GridRewards is open to most people and businesses with a ConEdison account, including small to large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and commercial accounts (any size) within Con Edison territory. Those enrolled in the Con Edison Smart Usage Rewards program are ineligible for participation.

How The Program Works

The GridRewards technology is made possible through secure software integration into Con Edison’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI).

To register, download the GridRewards application on a cellphone or table or use the computer link provided below. With your Con Edison account number available and online access to your Con Edison account already established, complete your enrollment on the app using this step-by-step sign up tutorial. Once enrolled, users can immediately use the GridRewards app to identify custom energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing energy usage for your business.


There are a few times during the summer when participants can earn cash back by taking simple actions, like raising cooling setpoints on smart thermostats by 4 degrees for a few hours-long periods, dimming lights, transitioning to LED bulbs, and similar means. GridRewards notifies participants when these events occur. Con Edison pays cash to participants to help lower energy use during peak demand times, so that the utility saves on investing in additional infrastructure.

While each participant is encouraged to reduce as much energy usage as possible during a demand response event, there are no penalties for opting out of an event.

How to Apply

Users can download the GridRewards application on their cellphones or tablets via the Google Play or App Store, or using this link on a computer.

Contact Information

Email or call (908) 517-3730. This dedicated helpline can troubleshoot or walk you through the signup process.

GridRewardsTM is a product of Logical Buildings. To learn more about how Logical Buildings helps building owners and homeowners save money and reduce emissions, contact or call 908-517-3730.