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Industrial Finance Program

Program Name: Industrial Finance Program
Program Sponsor: Environmental Facilities Corporation
Program Type:          Financing
Technology:               Water Efficiency; Waste Management
Fuel:                        N/A (Water and Waste)
Eligibility:  Water and Waste Facilities
Cost: $2,500


The Industrial Finance Program (IFP) provides low-cost financings to businesses for projects related to waste management, pollution control, drinking water, wastewater and solid waste facility improvements, and environmental regulation compliance.


Facilities that are eligible to apply to the IFP are solid waste facilities, sewage treatment facilities, resource recovery facilities, drinking water supply and management facilities, and industrial hazardous waste disposal facilities. Different types of environmental facilities may be financed with taxable IFP bonds. In some cases, the most economical way to finance a particular project may be to use funding from both the IFP and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programs.

How the Program Works

The IFP operates by providing financial assistance and incentives for businesses look to invest in equipment, expand facilities, or create jobs can apply for assistance. Companies that are eligible can collaborate with the IFP, government agencies, or approved lenders to access loans, grants, or tax incentives. By promoting economic growth, job creation, and environmentally responsible practices, IFP serves as a catalyst for industrial development and job growth in the state. The minimum the IFP is financing is $10 million and there is usually no maximum limit. The financing is subject to certain federal and state law requirements and approvals, including obtaining a state tax-exempt bond volume cap.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete an Eligibility Review Application that can be downloaded at

Applicants must submit four (4) original copies, as well as a non-refundable application fee of $2,500 to the Environmental Financial Corporation (EFC). For a bond issuance the EFC prepares a project application summary and initial credit report and obtains a Volume Cap from NYS Division of Budget. Then the EFC’s Board of Directors adopts an inducement resolution, which establishes eligible expenses for the IFP financing. Finally, the applicant must complete a SEQRA requirement.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 518-402-7085