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ISO 50001

Program Name: ISO 50001
Program Sponsor: U.S. Department of Energy
Program Type:          Management Software/ Data Tracking; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Electricity; Natural Gas
Eligibility:  Businesses and Organizations
Cost: $135


ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized framework for implementing an energy management system (EnMS) into an organization’s existing business systems to enhance energy efficiency and achieve sustained cost savings. ISO 50001 ensures the integration of energy management into normal business processes involving diverse employees.


There is no eligibility requirement. Businesses and organizations interested in implementing an EnMS using the ISO 50001 certified framework must commit to improving their energy management practices and follow the structure.

How the Program Works

ISO 50001 is an international energy management standard that enables organizations to enhance energy efficiency. It starts with an energy policy, energy planning, and implementation of improvements, all guided by a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Continuous monitoring, legal compliance, and management reviews are integral. Organizations may opt for certification via third-party audits. It also considers variables affecting energy performance. EnMS helps organizations establish policies and tools for systematic energy tracking, encompassing maintenance, operations, and equipment design and procurement. The standard’s focus is on reducing energy consumption, minimizing costs, and diminishing environmental impact. Employee training and engagement, as well as documentation and record-keeping, are especially emphasized. ISO 50001 offers a systematic and adaptable framework for organizations to optimize energy performance, align with sustainability goals, and improve overall efficiency.

How to Apply

ISO 50001 may be purchased for use here for $135.


ISO 50001 Professional Assistance