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Multifamily Solar Loan

Program Name: Multifamily Solar Loan
Program Sponsor: NYCEEC
Program Type:          Financing
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables
Fuel:                        Solar
Eligibility:  Borrower must be a building owner of a multifamily building
Cost: Loan principal plus interest; cost varies by building and project


The Multifamily Solar Loan offers a minimum of $200,000 in loans for building owners looking to finance up to 90% of their eligible solar photovoltaic projects (up to 100% for affordable multifamily properties). This loan offers construction financing, permanent financing, multiple draws, and incentive bridging.


Borrow must be a building owner.

Eligible buildings include multifamily properties.

Eligibility of solar photovoltaic projects, as well as other technologies and applications, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply

Send a message to NYCEEC Building Financial Solutions through their Get Started Portal.

Contact Information

Call 646.797.4630 or email for more information.