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New Construction Housing Program

Program Name: New Construction Housing Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Incentives & Technical Support
Technology:               Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Fuel:                Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                        Located in Consolidated Edison Company of New York service territory
Cost:  Application based


Through the New Construction – Housing Program (NC-Housing), NYSERDA offers financial incentives and technical support for the new construction, gut rehabilitation, or change of use of residential and mixed-use buildings that have reduced or zero carbon emissions.


To be eligible, a project must be, or be capable of and intend to be, a New York State electricity distribution customer of a participating utility company that pays into the System Benefits Charge. Additionally, Con Edison customers in Southern Westchester may be eligible for enhanced programs.

NYSERDA will accept and review applications for new construction, gut rehabilitation and change of use reconstruction for residential and mixed-use buildings, inclusive of single-family homes, multi-unit developments, multifamily buildings, residence halls, dormitories, and congregate living facilities, exclusive of nursing homes.

How the Program Works

The Applicant is expected to hire a NYSERDA-approved Primary Energy Consultant to act as the primary technical resource for their participation, and must select from at least one of the eligible third party building and energy performance programs or standards when submitting their application. Eligible third-party standards include the ENERGY STAR Single Family New Homes (SFNH), Multi-family New Construction (MFNC) and Multi- Family High-rise (MFHR) programs; and various standards published by Passive House Institute US and the Passive House Institute. The Applicant must use the chosen standard(s) to inform their project’s design and ensure their project meets the chosen third-party standard’s requirements. Each building in a project must adhere to the requirements of the approved compliance path, including the applicable testing and verification protocols.

Available incentives are based on market type, the performance tier committed to by the project’s applicant, the number of dwelling units or square footage, and are calculated as follows:

Applicants may also request additional Targeted Incentives for:

  • Smart Building Solutions
  • Design of Unique Low-Carbon or Electrified Solutions
  • Installation or Integration of Unique Low-Carbon Solutions
  • Cost-related Data Sharing
  • Mentoring Support for Law Carbon Projects

The Applicant must meet all NC-Housing requirements to receive payment of incentives. Payment of incentives will be available in up to three installments, based on the Applicant’s submission of the deliverables required for each of the project’s Milestones.

The eligible third-party standards, additional performance requirements, and related design attributes for each performance tier can be found in the NC-Housing PON 4337 Program Summary. Applicants should also refer to the Program Summary for technical requirements and related deliverables associated with the Applicant’s chosen third-party standard or program.

How to Apply

Applicants may submit their application through the NYSERDA portal.

Applicants must select and identify the Primary Energy Consultant supporting their project, as well as indicate their interest in obtaining Targeting Incentives at the time the application is submitted.

NYSERDA has the sole discretion for determining an Applicant’s eligibility to participate in the NC-Housing program and eligibility to receive additional incentives.

Contact Information

Patrick Fitzgerald, NYSERDA:
(518) 862-1090, Ext. 3385

Lori Borowiak, NYSERDA:
(518) 862-1090, Ext. 3004