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NY Energy Manager

Program Name: NY Energy Manager
Program Sponsor: New York Power Authority NYPA
Program Type:          Management Software
Technology:               Energy Efficiency
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                  NYPA customers (which includes a small group of private businesses selected through the competitive ReCharge NY program).
Cost: Free enrollment; possible costs for services.


The NY Energy Manager (NYEM) is an energy management software that allows New York Power Authority (NYPA) customers to improve building energy performance and reduce emissions and energy costs. NYEM is an analytic software that works with metering hardware designs a custom energy management strategy for single facilities or multiple building portfolios.


All NYPA customers are eligible, as well as state and local governments, agencies and authorities, economic development customers, and not-for-profit higher education institutions and hospitals.

If a private business wishes to become a NYPA customer, it can determine its eligibility to apply through NYPA’s competitive ReCharge NY program, which currently provides 800 businesses special power prices across the state.

How The Program Works

NYPA customers complete an online registration to access the NYEM platform, which is available on both web and mobile devices.

NYPA offers NYEM users submetering hardware to improve its building and equipment performance tracking and advisory services. Installation of NYPA meters on a facility’s main load or submeters on key equipment provides NYEM advisors with granular data on heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and other environmental conditions like temperature, CO2 levels, and humidity. NYEM collects and analyzes this data to create a customized energy-use profile for each facility (or entire portfolio and benchmarks facilities against extern standards (and with other buildings in the portfolio when applicable).

Data analysis allows NYEM to make recommendations for conservation measures and savings opportunities. Users are provided with comprehensive monthly reports, smart alerts, and project tracking when energy-saving measures are implemented. The real-time monitoring allows NYEM’s advisors to quickly identify system failures and predict future equipment issues. Information is available in real time on the platform and NYEM users are offered virtual energy efficiency audits conducted within the platform. Insights and services are offered and priced based on the level of data collected and advisory services

Enrollment is free but insights and services are priced based on the level of data collected and advisory services offered.

How to Apply

Instructions and access to NYEM can be requested through the online access form.

Contact Information

Existing NYPA customers that wish to sign up for a virtual audit should contact their NYPA Account Executive or e-mail