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NY Solar Map & Portal

Program Name: NY Solar Map & Portal
Program Sponsor: Sustainable CUNY, U.S. DOE SunShot Initiative and the NY-Sun Initiative (Academic, Federal, State)
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:         Solar
Fuel:              Solar
Eligibility:  Any business interested in solar information; Any business with a commercial property interested in a large PV solar system development
Cost:  Free


The NY Solar Map and Portal is a statewide solar map that provides users throughout the state with detailed information regarding the solar potential of their buildings, economic calculations of the cost of the solar system, as well as information on permitting and financing.

Sustainable CUNY hosts the map and controls its development. CUNY’s Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI) at Hunter College designed, developed and implemented the software.


Any business interested in PV solar system installations.

How the Program Works

The NY Solar Map and Portal is available online.

Any business interested in large solar PV systems for their commercial property can use the NY Solar Map from Sustainable CUNY to determine their property’s solar potential, helpful County- and municipal-level solar statistics, and applicable installation information and resources.

Using the online map, simply enter your property’s address, select facility type (Commercial or Municipal/Non-profit), and select from the available map layers. The NY Solar Map also includes a “draw solar” tool, which allows users to designate the area where they want to install solar. The tool accounts for shading from trees and other possible obstructions that could affect the performance of a solar array.

Elsewhere on the Portal, CUNY provides expanded information and resources on solar installation (permitting, zoning, interconnection and net metering), solar financing (incentives and financing options by building type, community solar, and information for businesses unable to host a solar system), and solar storage and resiliency.

Contact Information

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