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On-Site Energy Manager Program

Program Name: On-Site Energy Manager Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response; Water Efficiency
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Commercial or Industrial Facilities or Campuses
Cost: Non-Covered Cost of hiring a Full-Time or Part-Time Energy Manager


Energy managers work toward creating efficient processes that decrease cost and waste. The On-Site Energy Manager (OsEM) Program works by offering a 75 percent cost-share for industrial and commercial facilities or buildings to hire a full-time or part-time on-site energy manager.


To be eligible to participate in the OsEM Program, participants must be commercial or industrial facilities or campuses, or have portfolios that contribute to the System Benefits Charge. They must not have an existing dedicated full-time manager on-site. They must show a desire to continue the energy manager role beyond the pilot engagement period and be willing to share their results and lessons learned about the impact of the energy manager with NYSERDA.

How the Program Works

The goal is to drive profitability for business by reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The program achieves this by increased alignment across facilities on day-to-day energy management practices and creates a pipeline of talent to fill open positions at the facilities. The result is improved performance across the facilities.

A qualifying facility may hire either a a new permanent hire or a contractor, and contract’s may be selected from NYSERDA’s current list of FlexTech Consultants.

NYSERDA’s approval of a complete Application will be evidenced by issuance of a Purchase Order (PO), at which time the OsEM may begin work in the facility, including but not limited to operations and maintenance improvements, energy efficiency upgrades, water saving improvements, and more. The business must submit monthly invoices to NYSERDA, who may request a copy of the business’s check to the OsEM for the cost share. After review of each invoice report, NYSERDA will issue the 75% bonus payments directly to the business to pay the OsEM. NYSERDA reserves the right to make a reasonable number of visits to the facility with one-week advance notice.

How to Apply

Applicants should review the Associated Documents and forward a completed OsEM Program Application to Applications are due December 25, 2025, or until funds are totally committed.

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