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On-the-Job Training for Energy Efficiency & Clean Technology

Program Name: On-the-Job Training for Energy Efficiency & Clean Technology
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA & NYS Department of Labor (NYSDOL)
Program Type:          Workforce Training; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables; Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response; Energy Storage; Transportation
Fuel:                        Solar; Heat Pumps; Electricity; Natural Gas
Eligibility:  Businesses that provide services in various clean energy technologies
Cost: Cost share varies by business and new hire characteristics


 NYSERDA’s On-The-Job Training for Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Program (OJT Program) will provide wage subsidies to eligible businesses to help reduce the financial risk of hiring and training new workers. The primary purpose of OJT funding is to train new hires for clean energy work to help meet the objectives of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) by developing a workforce equipped to perform jobs in energy efficiency and clean technology while supporting disadvantaged communities (DACs) and priority populations.

NYSERDA is working closely with the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to deliver the OJT program and help develop job skills for new workers in energy efficiency and clean technology businesses.


To be eligible for OJT Program funding, businesses must provide services in at least one of the following technology areas:

  1. High efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  2. Renewable heating and cooling
  3. High efficiency water heating
  4. Insulation and/or air sealing
  5. High efficiency lighting and controls
  6. Building automation and controls
  7. Smart grid
  8. Energy storage
  9. Building operations and maintenance
  10. Solar electric photovoltaics, solar thermal, and related areas*
  11. Offshore and Land-Base Wind and related areas*
  12. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  13. Electric Vehicle (manufacturing only)

* Eligible businesses that services wind or solar generation projects 5 MW or greater may need to provide proof of a contract/direct subcontract on a generation project funded by NYSERDA.

How the Program Works

Through the OJT Program, the NYSDOL assists participating businesses with developing OJT training plans, assessing necessary skills, and identifying available workers that match those skills.  Eligible businesses that participate in the OJT Program:

  • May be reimbursed up to 75% of a new hire’s wages for their first 16-24 weeks of employment,
  • Gain access to candidates qualified through the NYSDOL, and
  • Receive assistance from the NYSDOL to develop new hire training plans.

First Step: Complete a business application form that NYSERDA will review to determine eligibility. The application must include the following: Business Name; Business Address; Website URL; Electric Utility Service Provider; Federal Employer Identification Number; Existing NYSERDA partnership agreements or contracts (if applicable); Business representative contact information; Number of full-time W-2 employees; and a brief description of the nature of the position(s) the business plans to offer, and how the new hire’s jobs will relate to clean energy. If deemed eligible, NYSERDA shares the applicant’s information with NYSDOL for a due diligence check, which may take several days to complete.

Second Step: The approved business works with their assigned NYSDOL Business Service Representative to prepare each New Hire Application, which includes a training plan specific to the new hire. The business submits New Hire Applications through the NYSERDA Portal. Note:

  • The OJT Program only accepts new employees and all new hire applications must be submitted to NYSERDA within 7 days of the hire’s start date to be eligible for funds.
  • Businesses can bring their own new hire candidates to the program, or NYSDOL can assist with identifying qualified candidates.
  • Provide DOL Business Service Representatives a 5-business day lead time to ensure successful completion of a hires training plan. Resources on developing a Training Plan can be found in the Preparing an On-the-Job Training Plan.

Third Step: The New Hire Application is approved and NYSERDA reserves funding for the position. The new hire starts working, the business submits reimbursement requests through an online portal, and the business receives funds. The rate of the incentive varies based on a few factors, most importantly:

  1. Whether or not the business is registered or certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), or a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB), and
  2. Whether or not the new hire comes from a DAC or is a Priority Population Worker (PPW).

The maximum 75% reimbursement rate is available for the full 24 week (6 month) period to businesses that are MBE/WBE/SDVOB certified and whose new hire is a PPW or comes from a DAC. Traditional workers are reimbursed at 50% for 16 weeks (4 months). A table on the full Funding Opportunity summarizes the reimbursement available for various types of businesses/positions, business sizes, and categories of new workers. Businesses must provide a cost share for all wage subsidies, with NYSERDA’s cost share capped at a maximum of $24 per hour for each hire.

Guidance on the new hire application submission and invoicing processes can be found in the Clean Energy Internship Program: Business User Guides.

Virtual Office Hours: On the Third Thursday of each month, 2:00-3:00 PM EST, NYSERDA holds monthly virtual office hours for participants and those interested in learning about the OJT Program. Register here for the next Office Hours session and access the meeting with this link.

How to Apply

Register as an eligible business via the online Business Application, which requires the information indicated above. The NYSDOL will complete a due diligence review before NYSERDA approves eligible businesses. A business approved to participate will be contacted by a NYSDOL Business Service Representative to begin the hiring and new hire application process.

For guidance materials about applying to the program, review the OJT Program: Business User Guides.

Contact Information

Forward any questions to Peter Tompkins and Adele Ferranti at