Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program

Program Name: Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Management Software/Data Tracking & Information Sharing/Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                  Commercial and industrial facilities, and multifamily buildings with five or more units
Cost: Application Based


Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) is a term used by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) to describe a combination of systems and services employed to monitor and identify building improvement opportunities. The system consists of hardware, software, and secure internet connectivity that continuously transmits a building’s current and historical performance data to the cloud, provides automated fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), and supports demand response.

RTEM continuously analyzes real-time granular data from the cloud and transforms it into actionable information for property owners, building managers and tenants, and can pinpoint a building’s operational inefficiencies, identify energy conservation measures, and help justify capital improvements.

RTEM systems come equipped with the following features:

  • Fault Detection: an advanced feature that detects abnormal energy consumption in a building and helps avoid energy spike and expensive equipment failures
  • Fault Diagnostics: software that continuously analyzes energy usage and equipment data to identify issues and opportunities to optimize performance
  • Predictive Analytics: combines data mining, statistics, modeling, and forecasting intelligence to analyze current energy data and make predictions about the future
  • Performance Optimization: energy usage is continuously analyzed throughout an entire building to ensure each space is optimized to its fullest potential.

NYSERDA is also offering a 30 percent cost-share incentive for RTEM project expenses which include hardware, installation, and five years of ongoing support from energy experts for businesses interesting in RTEM.  Industrial properties can receive up to $500,000 per site, multifamily properties can receive up to $155,000 per site, and commercial properties can receive up to $200,000 per site


Businesses must fit into one of these categories:

  • New York State commercial facilities
  • New York State industrial facilities
  • New York State multifamily buildings with five or more units, including rentals, cooperatives, and condominiums

Businesses must also pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC).

How the Program Works

RTEM systems collects and monitors building systems’ performance data in real time. By connecting to a new or existing building and energy monitoring system, RTEM platforms pull data from a network consisting of meters, sensors, and controls, delivering the data to one central location. This data is then analyzed in the cloud, identifying optimization opportunities that can significantly reduce energy expenditure.

RTEM services are delivered by expert consultants to support building staff in using the RTEM system by delivering actionable insights to improve the efficiency and reliability of building operations. The combination of RTEM system and service has the potential to achieve 15% to 30% in energy savings

To participate in the program, interested entities will first need to select a NYSERDA-qualified Real Time Energy Management Vendor. The Vendor will then perform a site assessment to verify eligibility and will apply to the program on the customer’s behalf.  Upon application approval the Vendor will install the system. After installation, the participant will receive a 30% cost-share incentive for eligible RTEM project expenses. The Vendor will provide up to five years of ongoing support for the technology.

For more information, please visit the RTEM Resources webpage and attachments.

Contact Information

Interested entities can use NYSERDA’s online contact sheet to submit questions.