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RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software

Program Name: RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software
Program Sponsor: CanmetENERGY Varennes Research Centre of Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada
Program Type:          Management Software/ Data Tracking
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation Renewables; Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response; Technology Neutral
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                  Desktop computer with MS Windows operating system. Viewer mode is completely free-of-charge
Cost: Free in Viewer mode / CAD 869 ($672/year for Professional mode)


RETScreen® is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis, as well as ongoing energy performance analysis. RETScreen enables users to identify, assess, and optimize the technical and financial viability of potential clean energy projects. This decision intelligence software platform also allows managers to easily measure and verify the actual performance of their facilities and helps find additional energy savings/production opportunities.

How the Program Works

RETScreen is available in 36 languages and can significantly reduce the financial and time costs associated with identifying and assessing potential renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. RETScreen models a full range of both traditional and non-traditional sources of clean energy as well as conventional energy sources and technologies, including:

  • Energy efficiency (from individual houses to large industrial facilities),
  • Heating and cooling (including biomass, heat pumps, and solar air/water heating),
  • Renewable power (including solar, wind, wave, hydro, geothermal, etc.),
  • Conventional power (including gas/steam turbines and reciprocating engines), and
  • Combined heat and power (or cogeneration).

Integrated into the analytical worksheets are product, project, benchmark, hydrology and climate databases, as well as links to worldwide energy resource maps.

RETScreen Expert, an advanced premium version of the software, is available in Viewer mode completely free-of-charge. The full features of RETScreen Expert are available in Professional mode on an annual subscription basis for $672 USD (CAD $869). More information about RETScreen’s Professional mode is available here.


Any business that develops or manages energy for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings and facilities. The software works primarily with MS operating systems, although a Mac-friendly version may be available. Contact RETScreen for further information.

How to Apply

You can learn more about RETScreen Expert and download the latest version of the software free in viewer mode. To request a subscription to Professional mode, simply complete and e-mail the order form (File / Subscribe / Step 1) in the downloaded Viewer mode software or contact RETScreen directly.

Contact Information

RETScreen Customer Support:
Telephone: +1.450.652.5915