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Program Name: SmartWay
Program Sponsor: EPA
Program Type:          Management Software/ Data Tracking; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Transportation
Fuel:                           Fuel motor oil
Eligibility:                  Any company or organization that ships, manages, or hauls freight, or is interested in an education/outreach role, is eligible for partnership
Cost: Free


SmartWay is a public-private partnership between the EPA and the freight and carrier shipping industry to reduce the environmental impacts of transporting goods, primarily through emissions reductions. SmartWay provides a system for tracking, documenting and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions across supply chains; helps companies identify and select more efficient freight carriers, transport modes, equipment, and operational strategies to improve supply chain sustainability and to lower the costs of shipping goods; and reduces freight transportation-related emissions by accelerating the use of advanced fuel-saving technologies.


Any company or organization that ships, manages, or hauls freight, or is interested in an education/outreach role, is eligible for partnership.

How The Program Works

The SmartWay program includes three distinct elements: the SmartWay Transport Partnership, the SmartWay Brand (Logo & SW Technology Program), and Global Collaboration.

The SmartWay Transport Partnership

Three types of businesses – are eligible to be SmartWay Transport Partnership (SWTP) partners:

  1. SmartWay Shippers: Companies and organizations that ship or receive freight.
  2. SmartWay Carriers: Companies that carry or move goods for shippers
  3. SmartWay Logistics Companies: Companies that hire freight carriers and manage freight shipments for shippers.

Carrier Partners measure their fuel efficiency and submit data via the SmartWay portal. The performance of each Carrier Partner is ranked against all companies in their sector. EPA then aggregates Carrier data and provides it to Shipper and Logistic Partners, who can assess the impacts of their current transportation activities and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

The EPA claims SmartWay differs from other programs that offer fuel consumption and emissions monitoring and reduction assistance by expanding the scope of focus beyond direct emissions. SmartWay helps members further  indirect upstream and downstream emissions that can comprise significant percentages of company-wide emissions. Without registering for the program, it remains unclear what methods Carrier Participants use to achieve emissions reductions beyond general route efficiency. Akin to other EPA programs, Partners gain access to a domestic and international business community all mutually focused on reducing supply chain footprints.

For more information, visit the SmartWay webpage.

The SmartWay Brand

Logo. Companies that purchase or lease tractors and/or trailers that meet SmartWay specifications are eligible to place a SmartWay logo on the exterior of their equipment.  Like many EPA programs, the marketing benefits of participation are central to incentivizing membership. Partners & affiliates whose efforts help achieve this goal are authorized to publicly market or represent themselves as such via use of the SW logo, highlighting their corporate involvement in improving supply chain sustainability.

For more information, including how to apply, visit the SmartWay Logo webpage.

SmartWay Technology Program. Separate from the emissions-reduction efforts of the Transport Partnership is the SmartWay Technology Program. Certain models of tractors, trailers, and locomotives use cutting-edge technologies such as aerodynamic devices, idling reduction equipment, and new and retread low rolling resistance tires to reduce emissions. These SW Technology Program verified models may be purchased or leased, seemingly from equipment or locomotive dealers, and EPA encourages dealers and fleet managers to learn more about these technologies.

For more information, including how to apply, visit the SmartWay Verified Technologies Webpage.

How to Apply

Shippers should complete the SmartWay Shipper Application.

Carriers and logistics companies should complete the SmartWay Carrier Application.

Contact Information

The SmartWay Transport Partnership
Hannah Greenberg, EPA Region 2:

General Inquiries:
(734) 214-4767

The SmartWay Technology Program: