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Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program

Program Name: Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Management Software/Data Tracking & Information Sharing/Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency
Fuel:                           Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                  New York State Commercial and Industrial facilities that are New York State electricity customers and pay into the SBC
Cost: Application Based
Deadline: Applications due December 31, 2025


Through the Strategic Management Program (SEM), NYSERDA provides tools and resources to assist businesses manage energy use in a coordinated and strategic way.

NYSERDA offers two training options that teach businesses how to establish and implement SEM.  Through the training, participants will learn to:

  • Collect, measure, and track energy use information to help inform strategic business decisions
  • Continuously measure and improve energy performance
  • Empower and motivate workforces to contribute to energy strategy and goals


Eligible participants include New York State Commercial and Industrial facilities that are New York State electricity customers who pay into the SBC through their electric utility company.

However, all applications will be reviewed and accepted or rejected at NYSERDA’s discretion and NYSERDA will consider only projects that display a potential for energy savings or carbon savings. NYSERDA will also consider additional factors such as the availability of energy and production data, strong executive support for participation, and an existing culture around continuous improvement.

Questions related to eligibility should be forwarded to Kathleen Dooley (contact information listed below).

How The Program Works:

Currently, NYSERDA offers two different training options: “SEM on Demand” and “Virtual Treasure Hunts”

  1. SEM on Demand

 SEM On Demand is a remote-learning training program that includes one-on-one technical support and guidance to facilitate the adoption of SEM. The program uses the United States Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready Navigator platform as the backbone for the training with additional targeted technical support, guidance, resources and materials. Facilities that participate in the SEM on Demand program can expect:

  • A custom energy management assessment specific to their facility
  • To partake in a treasure hunt to identify energy savings opportunities
  • A library of resources, tools, and webinars to assist you
  • Guides to help create an Energy Policy and Energy Goals, and to develop a plan to implement and achieve them
  1. Virtual Treasure Hunt

 Virtual treasure hunts use a virtual energy audit approach that leverages a facility’s on-site staff supported remotely by energy auditors to identify energy saving opportunities, prioritize findings and calculate potential savings.

Facilities that host a virtual treasure hunt will:

  • Find low to no cost energy efficiency opportunities
  • Focus on quick fixes with a short payback period
  • Engage employees to focus on improving day to day operations
  • Motivate employees to pursue energy initiatives

Interested facilities should see the Strategic Energy Management Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 4371 for more information on both programs.

How to Apply

A SEM on Demand Application or a Virtual Treasure Hunt Application should be submitted to


Kathleen Dooley, NYSERDA
518-862-1090 x3475

Nancy Marucci, NYSERDA
518-862-1090 x3335