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Program Name: WasteWise
Program Sponsor: EPA (Federal)
Program Type:          Management Software/Data Tracking & Information Sharing/Technical Support
Technology:               Waste Management
Fuel:                           N/A (Waste)
Eligibility:                  All U.S. businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations can join WasteWise as a partner, endorser, or both.
Cost: Free


Wastewise is a voluntary program that helps participating businesses reduce waste quantity and disposal costs.


Any organization that “generates waste and has a means to measure (its) recycling and waste reduction efforts” qualifies as a partner. Any business can participate as an endorser.

How the Program Works

Businesses can participate as partners, endorsers, or both.

Upon application approval, new participants must complete a Participation Agreement within 7-days and have 90-days to submit baseline data in the SMM Data Management System

and establish annual goals of a minimum 5% annual increase in diverted waste. Partners gain access to outreach and educational materials, best practices for waste assessment and reduction approaches, one-on-one technical assistance through the WasteWise Helpline, and use of the EPA’s WARM tool to calculate associated greenhouse gas emissions. To remain an active participant in WasteWise, partners must submit annual data for the previous year and establish an annual goal for a self-directed quantitative increase in waste diverted compared to the previous year by March 31 of each year in the SMM Data Management System.

Endorsers are businesses or other entities that want to promote WasteWise and help stakeholders understand the good business sense of waste reduction efforts. Endorsers, whether or not they are also Partners, also set and report on annual goals related to endorser activities. Endorser activities include recommending WasteWise in an organization’s internal sustainability agenda, advertising support of the program, and using the WasteWise logo on their website. To remain an active participant in WasteWise, endorsers must complete an Endorser Annual Data for via the SMM Data Management System quantifying their endorser activities and establish annual goals for the upcoming year.

How to Apply

Partners register via the online EPA WasteWise Registration Form.

Contact Information

Rachel Chaput, EPA Region 2 WasteWise Representative:
(212) 637-4116.

WasteWise Helpline:
(800) 372-9473