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Westchester GeoPossibilities Tool

Program Name: Westchester GeoPossibilities
Program Sponsor: NYSERD
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Geothermal
Eligibility:                        Property owners in Westchester County
Cost:                        Free


Westchester GeoPossibilities is a free online tool that allows Westchester County property owners to assess the feasibility of geothermal heating and cooling for any building or property in the County. The Westchester GeoPossibilities tool builds upon a similar tool created previously by the City of New York, and provides information and assistance for energy efficiency and clean-heating solutions for gas constrained areas.

The development of Westchester GeoPossibilities has been supported by NYSERDA and helps advance New York State’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act). The consulting engineering firm Goldman Copeland, which created a Geothermal Screening Tool for New York City, has collaborated with Stone Environmental, Over Morgen, and Flux Tailor in developing this resource.

How The Program Works

Using the mapping software, users can input their property address to determine the feasibility of installing geothermal for both existing buildings and for new construction.

Using available data about the property, including the property size and square footage, the tool will determine the property’s geothermal potential. If it is feasible to install a geothermal system, the tool will also provide assistance to help users understand the potential return on investment. Users also qualify for a no-cost Clean Heating and Cooling Screening from NYSERDA, which evaluates the technological and economic feasibility of installing air source heat pump, ground source heat pumps, and variable refrigerant flow systems.

The tool also features an interactive map of building clusters in Westchester that likely have a high suitability and rate of return for geothermal. Users can either click on a cluster to export a list of addresses in the selected cluster or enter a specific address to determine if the property is located in a high suitability cluster.


Property owners located in Westchester County, New York can use the tool to assess their property.

Contact Information

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