All Access Healthcare: Spotlight on Westchester's Bioscience Ecosystem

Co-Hosted by Westchester County's Office of Economic Development
February 11, 2021
9:00am - 10:00am

In partnership with Westchester County’s Office of Economic Development, we will showcase the growing bioscience ecosystem in our region.  This event will feature presenters from two rapidly growing companies who have recently made Westchester their home, and other stakeholders in this important sector of our local economy.

Featured Speakers

Deborah Novick
Westchester County
Deborah Novick is the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the Westchester County Office of Economic Development, where she directs Launch1000, Westchester RISES, the Element 46 incubator program, the Westchester County Biosciences Initiative, and oversees the Biosciences Accelerator...
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Larry Gottlieb
Robert Martin Company
Larry Gottlieb is the Managing Director, Life Sciences and Health Technologies for RMC Bio1 - Robert Martin Company. RMC Bio1 focuses on start-up science and technology companies transitioning from regional incubator and accelerator programs into “graduation” spaces, which are flexible light...
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Matthew Claster
Matthew Claster is the head of Corporate Development & Strategy for Clarapath. Clarapath creates robotic tools that act as the eye, hand and brain of a traditional lab technician to provide better quality biopsy slides, faster turnaround times and lower costs for laboratories.
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Bob Foerster
Oligomerix, Inc.
Bob Foerster is the Chief Financial Officer at Oligomerix, Inc. Oligomerix is an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing disease-modifying therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias by targeting tau self-association.
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