Business Insights: Key Takeaways From WCA's "Towards a Stronger Future" Report

September 25, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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The Westchester County Association (WCA) has recently released a series of initiatives designed to drive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to foster long-term growth. The initiatives are outlined in “Towards a Stronger Future,” a newly-released report from the WCA’s Post Pandemic Working Group (PPWG), which is a select committee of business, nonprofit, and education and government leaders who are working collaboratively to support the recovery and long-term prosperity of the region.  The Towards a Stronger Future report, which is available for download on the WCA’s website, sets forth a clear advocacy and action agenda in those Four Foundational Pillars of Economic Recovery where the WCA is well-positioned through its proven expertise and deep professional network to achieve significant impact: healthcare and bioscience, real estate and housing, digital connectivity, and energy and sustainability.

Join the WCA as they host a panel of PPWG members to chat about key takeaways from the report.

Featured Speakers

Chris Fisher
Cuddy & Feder
Chris Fisher, managing director of Cuddy & Feder.
Wendy Darwell
Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State
Wendy Darwell, vice president and chief operating officer of the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State.
Michael Romita
Westchester County Association
Michael Romita, president & CEO of the Westchester County Association.
Peter Katz
Westfair Communications