Summer Cyber Series #2 - Leveraging AI: Unlock the Secrets of AI in Cybersecurity

August 14, 2024
12:00pm - 12:45pm
Virtual Event
Registration Required

The WCA Virtual Summer Cyber Series offers actionable insights and real-world examples to help you safeguard your business and personal information. While summer calls you outdoors, cyber threats are relentless. Equip yourself with practical strategies to protect your operations now and for the future.

In this second episode we will explore how AI is employed by both attackers and defenders. Discover best practices, policies, and tools to enhance your security posture. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead with cutting-edge insights and practical strategies!

What you’ll learn:

  • AI in Cybersecurity: Understand how artificial intelligence is utilized by both attackers and defenders in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.
  • Enhance Security with Best Practices: Discover cutting-edge practices, policies, and tools to strengthen your organization’s security against AI-driven attacks.
  • Stay Ahead with Practical Strategies: Gain actionable insights to leverage AI for proactive defense, ensuring your business remains resilient against advanced cyber threats.


Don’t let your guard down—register today and stay one step ahead of cyber risks!


This is a virtual event, free of charge, but registration is required!


Rick Passero; Chief Security Officer
Anatomy IT
Rick is an accomplished Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a diverse background in information security, IT operations, and leadership. His experience extends across healthcare, financial services, insurance, legal, SLED, and technology sectors. He excels in holistic...
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Ryan Ray; Practice Director - Cybersecurity & Risk Management
Ryan Ray is a Practice Director at Slalom specializing in Cybersecurity and Risk Management. He is a Fortune 500 CISO advisor with 20+ years of management consulting, industry, and start-up business experience. Ryan supports both local and global strategic security initiatives including asset...
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Frank Forte; Chief Executive Officer
Anatomy IT
Frank drives rapid growth in healthcare and technology with his expertise in Private Equity and Fortune 100, leveraging operational, commercial, and technology acumen. As the former Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager at Cloudmed Solutions, Frank executed successful commercial and...
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