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Building Decarbonization: Commercial Properties and Networks

Program Name: Building Decarbonization: Commercial Properties and Networks
Program Sponsor: Sustainable Westchester
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support; Energy Audits/ Consultants
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables; Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Electricity ; Heat Pumps; Natural Gas; Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Commercial, Retail, Multifamily, Manufacturing, Industrial, Non-Profit, Government, Houses of Worship, and Institutional (P-12, Universities) property developers and building owners within the Westchester area.
Cost: Varies by building and project


Building decarbonization in the context of commercial properties and networks refers to the process of reducing or eliminating carbon emissions associated with the operation and energy consumption of commercial buildings and their interconnected infrastructure. This approach is often driven by sustainability and environmental concerns. Sustainable Westchester’s Building Decarbonization: Commercial Properties and Networks (BD:CPN) program is attempting to advance sustainable and environmentally friendly building operation and energy practices in Westchester County.


The BD:CPN program serves commercial, retail, multifamily, manufacturing, industrial, non-profit, government, houses of worship, and institutional (P-12, universities) property developers and building owners within the Westchester area.

How the Program Works

By registering for the BD:CPN program and undertaking the initial assessment, participating property developers and building owners are connected with heating and cooling experts with knowledge of the latest energy-efficient technologies, access to substantial state and utility incentives for adopting clean heating and cooling solutions, and free evaluation tools.

Through participation in the BD:CPN program, Sustainable Westchester claims to offer eligible developers and building owners:

  • Access free or low-cost assessment of clean heating and cooling solutions to calculate energy and cost savings;
  • Cost savings on operations and maintenance through high impact energy conservation measures and financial support;
  • Improved indoor air quality and tenant comfort, cost stabilization, building resiliency, future-proof, and energy security;
  • Competitive advantage and access to certifications that recognize a building’s leadership; and
  • Access to a network of area experts and featured project highlights.

How to Apply

Free consultations can scheduled here.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 914-242-4725