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Commercial New Construction Program

Program Name: Commercial New Construction Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/Electrification
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Customers that pay into the Systems Benefit Charge
Cost:  Application based


NYSERDA offers technical support and financial incentives to Applicants and/or their design teams to identify and install energy efficiency, electrification, and carbon reduction opportunities to achieve Carbon Neutral Ready levels of performance in non-residential and mixed-use new construction, change of use, and substantial renovations to existing buildings.


The Commercial New Construction Program is available for eligible customers to design and build projects that achieve Carbon Neutral Ready levels of performance in new construction, substantial renovations and change of use for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in New York State

State, federal and local governments, businesses, not-for-profit and private institutions, public and private schools, colleges and universities and health care facilities that are electricity customers of a participating utility company, and that pay, or will pay, into the electric System Benefits Charge at the site receiving benefits are eligible for support.

Applicants whose projects are in a Potential Environmental Justice Area may be eligible for enhanced support. Applicants should refer to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) county maps.

How The Program Works

Applicants may select a Primary Energy Consultant from a list maintained by NYSERDA or may utilize the services of a provider of their choice, subject to NYSERDA approval. Upon application approval, a NYSERDA representative will be assigned to the project to assist Applicants, and will work with the retained Primary Energy Consultant to review scopes of work and studies, and to answer questions from the Applicant.

The program may also provide financial support for Carbon Neutral Projects that meet both of the following thresholds for performance:

  1. The predicted energy savings for regulated loads exceed the designated baseline on a Source Energy basis by at least 15%.
  2. The project excludes all fossil fuels from the building systems and equipment.

NYSERDA will provide written pre-approval for Carbon Neutral Ready energy efficiency measures that qualify for financial support prior to measure installation. Financial support is based upon the anticipated energy performance of the building relative to a designated baseline, and covers a portion of the incremental costs of Carbon Neutral Ready energy efficiency measures. Applicable financial support levels are categorized according to project size and complexity. Applicants should refer to Attachment D of the Program Summary for applicable support levels.

Please visit the Commercial New Construction PON 3609 Program Summary for more information.

How to apply

Applicants must complete the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).


Stephen Finkle, NYSERDA:
(518) 862-1090, Ext. 3505