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New Construction Housing Programs

Program Name: New Construction Housing Programs
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support; Energy Audits/ Consultants; Rebates/ Incentives (BBH Program Only)
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables; Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response; Low Embodied Carbon Materials
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Single-family home builders and multifamily developers; technical consulting firms offering energy consulting services
Cost: Varies by project


The former PON 4337 program that provided technical and financial support for new construction housing projects ended in late 2022. Past offerings for gut rehabilitation projects are also closed.

NYSERDA now provides technical support to builders of single-family houses and developers of multifamily buildings through two offerings: the Primary Energy Consultants – New Construction Program and Net Zero Energy Housing Resources. Additional resources, including access to some funding opportunities, are offered to single-family housing builders the Building Better Homes – Emissions Free and Healthier Communities Program (RFP 4875) (BBH Program).


Primary Energy Consultants – New Construction Program
Technical consulting firms interested in becoming approved Primary Energy Consultants through RFP 3771 must demonstrate relevant staff credentials, experience on at least three previous projects providing energy consulting services, and evidence of achieving above-code energy performance on at least one project since 2016. The eligibility criteria vary based on the service category.

NYSERDA is looking for firms and businesses that deliver energy consulting services in multiple service categories, including:

  • Energy modeling and analysis
  • Building commissioning
  • Advanced clean energy building facilitation
  • Third-party quality assurance, and
  • Smart-building service

Builders of single-family houses and developers of multifamily buildings may identify firms approved as Primary Energy Consultants using NYSERDA’s filtering tool to assist with their projects in various ways.

Net Zero Energy Housing Resources
Builders and developers committed to designing single-family homes or multifamily buildings that achieve net zero energy performance may use the resources provided to incorporate a range of technologies and energy-saving features, as well as high-quality construction practices.

Building Better Homes Program (RFP 4875)
Firms that build single-family homes may be eligible for RFP 4875. Applicant eligibility is determined by the firm’s experience in actively building single-family homes in New York State, participation in NYSERDA’s New Construction Housing program within the last 12 months, recent building permits and executed contracts with homebuyers, and a public commitment to building carbon-neutral homes.

How the Program Works

Primary Energy Consultants. Once approved, consultant firms enter into a standard two-year agreement with NYSERDA to deliver energy consulting services with the possibility of renewal. Builders and developers of single-family homes or multifamily buildings may select a Primary Energy Consultant using the list maintained by NYSERDA (searchable by County, Specialty, and Credentials). The Primary Energy Consultant may also help developers identify current NYSERDA funding opportunities and other New Construction Program resources that their projects qualify for.

NYSERDA’s ­­­­Net Zero Energy Housing Resources support builders of single-family houses and developers of multifamily buildings in achieving net zero energy performance. Net zero implies that the home or multifamily project can produce as much energy as it consumes over a year. The program utilizes proven technologies and advanced building practices, along with performance testing, to ensure homes meet the highest standard of energy performance. To achieve net zero energy performance, homes are meticulously designed with technologies such as solar systems, solar thermal systems, higher performance building elements, efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, advanced lighting design, and high-efficiency appliances. Eligible builders and developers access resources and information on technology options through NYSERDA.

 The Building Better Homes Program (RFP 4875) focuses on advancing the development of healthier, carbon-neutral single-family homes and neighborhoods across the state. NYSERDA may provide approved program partners with funding, training, and resources to modernize and decarbonize their building practices for high-quality, reliable, and sustainable carbon-neutral homes. Approved Partners can access various incentive and support categories, including Carbon-Neutral Design or Redesign Support, Professional Consultation Services Support, Carbon-Neutral Marketing Cost Share, and Carbon-Neutral Model Home Incentive. Selection through the RFP is precondition for eligibility to receive program task work orders and incentive payments.

How to Apply

Primary Energy Consultants: To become a Primary Energy Consultant through RFP 3771, interested firms can submit an online application through the NYSERDA portal.

­­­­Net Zero Energy Housing Resources: Eligible builders and developers access resources and information on technology options through NYSERDA.

Building Better Homes Program: Applicants submit proposals via the RFP 4875 solicitation. The application process requires single-family builders to demonstrate eligibility based on experience, production levels, and commitment to building carbon-neutral homes. Applications will be accepted continuously through December 31, 2023 by 3:00 PM EST.

Contact Information

Email questions to or call 1(800) 284-9069.

For questions about the BBH Program and RFP 4875, contact Lori Borowiak by email at or by phone at (518) 862-1090, Ext. 3004.