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NY-Sun (Solar Initiative)

Program Name: NY-Sun (Solar Program for Businesses)
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebates/Incentives; Energy Audits/ Consultations; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables
Fuel:                        Solar
Eligibility:  Businesses, including Owners of Multifamily Residential Buildings
Cost: Varies by solar project, incentive and financing option, and tax credits


NY-Sun is NYSERDA’s collaborative public-private initiative dedicated to fostering the growth of the solar industry in New York State. The program aims to make solar technology more affordable and accessible for all residents and businesses. Aspects of the Community Solar, Financial Support, and Multifamily Solar components available to businesses and not discussed elsewhere in the Clean Energy Portal are summarized below.


Community Solar. Any business with an electric utility account is eligible to participate in community solar projects, offering an approach to solar energy without on-site installations.

Financial SupportReal Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Facilities. This entry focuses on the Real Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Facilities (“R.P. Tax Exemption”). Eligibility for the R.P. Tax Exemption is based on the installation of qualifying energy systems, such as solar or wind, on the property. Some municipalities and school districts may have opted out of the exemption.

Multifamily Solar. Multifamily building owners and managers, particularly those in regulated affordable housing properties.

How the Program Works

 Community solar is a collective array of panels installed in an offsite location, which produces energy. Community solar offers local and clean energy that can offset a portion of a business’s electric bill with predictable rates and terms without the business having to install solar. Almost anyone in the area can access it and receive credits toward their electric bills.

Community solar developers may offer Subscription plans or Purchase plans to home and businesses – called members – that take part in their project. The most common options are Subscription plans are more common, shorter-term options that require little to no up-front costs and allow for pay-as-you-go. Purchase plans include actual ownership of panels at the community solar project site and may offer greater potential savings over time, so a business may qualify for financing and tax credits.

Financial Support – R.P. Tax Exemption. Businesses that own qualified renewable energy systems and the real property that they are located on may qualify for the R.P. Tax Exemption.  The NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS), which oversees, coordinates, and assists local governments in the administration of real property taxes, also oversees the R.P. Tax Exemption’s administration. The RP-487 form collects information about the property and the installed energy system to determine eligibility.

Multifamily Solar. NY-Sun offers specific guidance and support for owners and managers of multifamily residential buildings, with priority given to affordable multifamily buildings. NY-Sun encourages multifamily building owners and managers, particularly those in regulated affordable housing properties, to explore solar solutions with higher incentives and technical assistance. The Multifamily Solar program offers owners and managers resources to:

  • Choose between onsite installations (rooftop or property) or offsite options like community solar or remote crediting.
  • Engage with a solar contractor to determine the best setup for a multifamily building.
  • Explore additional incentives for affordable housing, including the Multifamily Affordable Housing Incentive.
  • Explore offerings for predevelopment and technical assistance.

How to Apply

Community Solar

  1. Identify a local community solar project and inquire about rates and subscription plans.
  2. Subscribe to a plan that suits your business needs.
  3. Receive credits on your electric bill for the energy produced by the community solar project.

Financial Support – R.P. Tax Exemption. Complete the RP-487 form and file it with the local property assessor. The form gathers details about the property and the type of energy system installed.

Multifamily Solar. For onsite installations, use the search tool to find a contractor. For community solar, explore projects using the map tool. Work with a participating contractor to determine eligibility for NY-Sun incentives for multifamily affordable housing and eligibility for additional predevelopment and technical assistance.

 Contact Information

  • Sign up to receive the latest updates on NY-Sun or call NYSERDA (866) 697-3732.
  • Questions about Community Solar can be directed to
  • For the latest and most accurate information on the P. Tax Exemption, contact local government offices, assessors, or the ORPTS directly to inquire about specific details regarding tax exemptions for renewable energy systems in their respective jurisdictions.
  • Specific inquiries about Multifamily Solar can be directed to