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Con Edison Smart Usage Rewards Program

Program Name: Smart Usage Rewards Program
Program Sponsor: Con Edison
Program Type:          Management Software/ Data tracking; Rebates/ Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Electricity; Natural Gas
Eligibility:  Application Based
Cost: Free. There are no enrollment costs or fees, and you can opt out of events at any time.


Through the Smart Usage Rewards Program, Con Edison pays its customers for reducing their electric and gas consumption during peak hours during the summer. Participants receive monthly payments based on kW pledged and/or the amount of actual kilowatt hours (kWh) reduced. Voluntary customers can be enrolled after the enrollment deadlines and receive $3/kWh performance payment rate during events.

During peak hours the program pays small businesses to temporarily reduce their electric or natural gas usage through Smart Usage (demand response).

Through the electric Smart Usage Program, participants earn up to $18,000 a year for every 100 kW (kilowatts) the participant pledges to reduce.

You can enroll for Smart Usage Rewards at any point throughout the year, but you will only be able to earn rewards from May 1st to September 30th.If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, enrollments will be accepted until the following Monday


To be eligible, a participant enrolling with a single account must provide a minimum of 50kW of load reduction. Aggregators must enroll a minimum of 50 total kW (in the aggregate) of load reduction to participate. Participants must also have a communicating interval meter or an AMI meter. Con Edison may provide an interval meter at no costs for customers with less than 500 kW of electric demand.

You can enroll in Smart Usage Rewards while participating in any other Con Edison program except the Smart Thermostat program. If you are enrolled in the Smart Thermostat Program, you can unenroll at any time to participate in Smart Usage Rewards. You cannot participate in the Con Edison Smart Usage Rewards Program if you already participate in Sustainable Westchester’s GridRewards program.

How the Program Works

  1. Sign up with a Smart Usage Partner, which is a third-party company that operates this program on Con Edison’s behalf by enrolling, compensating, and educating participants on how they can use less energy. Once registered, you’ll remain with the same Smart Usage Partner throughout the summer, from May 1 to September 30.
  2. After submitting your contact information using the Smart Usage Partner form, simply monitor your inbox for emails from the Smart Usage Partners you selected. After you’ve had a chance to review their offerings, you’ll confirm your interest in enrolling with the partner that best fits your needs. Your Smart Usage Partner will submit the program enrollment information to Con Edison on your behalf prior to the start of the summer.
  3. Your Smart Usage Partner lets you know in advance when we anticipate an “event”—a period of high energy demand or an energy grid emergency. Each event lasts about four hours and occurs four to five times throughout the summer.
  4. During an event, earn rewards by reducing your energy use.

How to Apply

You can apply as either: an aggregator and directly enroll and oversee customers throughout our service territory, or; an individual customer who can pledge ≥ 50 kW.

To enroll, please email the Electric Demand Response Application Form.

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