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Smart Usage Rewards Program

Program Name: Smart Usage Rewards Program (Commercial)
Program Sponsor: Con Edison (Private Utility)
Program Type:          Rebates/Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/Demand Response
Eligibility:                        Application Based
Cost:  N/A


Enrollment deadlines for 2023 program participation are as follows:

May 1-September 30, Enrollment Deadline: April 1

June 1-September 30, Enrollment Deadline May 1

Through the Smart Usage Rewards Program, Con Edison pays its customers who reduce their electric and gas consumption  during peak hours.


Natural Gas Smart Usage Program

To be eligible for the program, participants must take firm gas delivery service from Con Edison in the value zones identified here.

Participants must also have one of four metering options:

  1. Smart Meter
  2. Customer-owned consumption recording device
  3. Volume corrector
  4. Smart Meter Interface Management Unit

Electric Smart Usage Program

To be eligible, a direct participant enrolling with a single account must provide a minimum of 50kW of load reduction. Aggregators must enroll a minimum of 50 total kW (in the aggregate) of load reduction to participate. Participants must also have a communicating interval meter or an AMI meter. Con Edison may provide an interval meter at no costs for customers with less than 500 kW of electric demand.

How the Program Works

During peak hours the program pays small businesses to temporarily reduce their electric or natural gas usage through Smart Usage (demand response).

Through the eclectic Smart Usage Program, participants earned up to $18,000 a year for every 100 kW (kilowatts) a participant pledges to reduce. Through the natural gas Smart Usage Program, participants earned up to $4,500 per winter for ever 100 therms per day the participant pledged to reduce.

Refer to the Commercial Smart Usage Program Guidelines for further information.

How to Apply

The enrollment process is based on the number of kW reduced during an event:

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